Lightning Development Programs

The goal of the Developmental Program is to improve the skills and abilities of athletes up to the calibre required to play in the AA program, and to encourage the inclusion of as many athletes as possible in the BCRA High Performance Program. Athletes who are members of the development program are not on an AA team; they are getting extra exposure and enhanced training. It should be considered both an honour and a privilege to be selected to the Development Program team, as it provides the athletes with the opportunity to earn their way into the AA team’s playing roster. Athletes who are cut from AA team try outs, those others who are carded in the Performance Enhancement System (PES), and those who want the experience of High Performance are invited by their league to join the Development Program team.

For the 2017-2018 season, we have 3 Lightning Development programs:




Purpose of the Development Program

  • To develop the skills of athletes in their division, who may not be ready to play at the AA level, but who show significant potential
  • To encourage athletes to stay involved in the program even if not selected to the team
  • To provide athletes with the training tools necessary to be selected to the AA program in the future
  • To provide the AA teams with a pool of athletes who are knowledgeable and capable of being picked up to the team for games and tournaments
  • To provide an opportunity for athletes who cannot commit to a full season of competition to still train with the team

The fees associated with the program will reflect the specific training opportunities provided to the athletes. The athletes are billed on a monthly basis for applicable costs (power skating, dryland conditioning & training, goaltender training, team practices and off-ice training sessions). Athletes must attend the AA tryouts to be eligible to be placed on the Development Program team (DPT). Athletes named to the DPT are eligible to be picked up by another league, and are eligible to attend WCRC’s with an A team as they are not part of the official AA roster. The extent of their commitment is for as long as they want to be involved in the program. Should they be presented with the opportunity to join the AA team, the assumed AA commitment is required. If they attend a AA Tournament, they are no longer eligible as A athletes for WCRC’s.

Season Plan for Development

As we are in a transition year for the LMRL AA Program, we will be offering a development program that will commence immediately following the tryout process once evaluations are complete. Tracy Townsend will be the primary contact: – 604-250-0789. We will be training and improving all skills required for Ringette and giving the maximum support for growth mentally, emotionally and socially.