Goals & Objectives

The goal of the LMRL AA Program is to support the local ringette associations and to create opportunities for athletes. The players and parents must be prepared to make a considerable time commitment, including regular practices, games, dryland and mental training and tournaments. 100% commitment to the AA Program is required. School comes first, then Ringette, followed by other activities. The only exception is the U14AA division, where a double-carded athlete must put their house team as the priority. Families must be aware that the AA program involves considerable cost for ice, travel, tournament registration etc. Athletes may be asked to “fundraise” to offset some of these costs. AA policies require U14 to be primarily developmental, with the maximum number of athletes being given a fair opportunity to play. The intent is to expose as many athletes as possible to a higher level of competition while still concentrating on skill development. At the U16 level and above, the goal of the program is geared toward forming teams capable of challenging for Provincial and National titles.